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I honestly don't know if I enjoyed what I just watched, but it was severely disturbing, arousing, and I couldn't keep my eyes off of it. I think I need to find religion after watching this.

This was annoyingly bad to watch. : P

As a spammy submission it is what it is. The animation and artwork was good for the style you were going for. That's probably where all of the points in my review came from though.

It just wasn't funny... The voice acting was ok, but the repetition was too much. It was quite hard to finish to be honest. I guess I get what you were trying to do here, but it really wasn't for me.

DimensionLord responds:

love you too beb, glad I caught your attention <3

Loved it, hope to see a lot more from you.

The beginning scene was a bit dark. Perhaps finding a way to make the stars a bit brighter could help out.

At first there seemed to be a lot of chopiness when camera angles changed and also a bit of unwanted shadows in the beginning.

It all seemed to work it's way out after that though. Overall, very smooth and professional looking.

Anonamix responds:

Thanks a ton! I really appreciate the feedback.

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For those you want to get the medals play all the way through until you get them all/beat the game. The medals will appear on your game screen, but only one will show up on your profile.

At this point refresh the game and open it up again. All of the medals will appear on the game screen and this time they should show up on your profile too.

The game itself is very simple, but actually a refreshing change since I didn't have to mash the mouse. The game just needs updated graphics and longer gameplay with more upgrades and features.

Once you learn that you should spam apples in the row as close to your "base" as possible as quickly as possible at the beginning of the match the game really isn't too hard. It's kind of fun, but so simple that I don't think it has very much replay value.

So the basic strategy I used was the max amount of apples against the far left as possible. Two rows over put swordsmen down an entire row. Behind them put two mages all the way down the rows. Then spam swordsmen or even stones on the rest of the map until you can't place anything more. Repeat until you've won the last level.

Perhaps with larger maps, different enemies, and different strategies such as adding an upgrade system this game could become a fun one to come back to. Other than that it was a bit too simple for my tastes.

It took me a little bit to get all of the medals, but I eventually did. The regular mode was super easy, because for the majority of the map you can just ride the very top and only drop down to the rest of the map when something shows up. I gave up on that part and let myself die because I feel like I could have went for a long time and didn't have any incentive after the 100 medal, perhaps if there was a 200 medal or even a 300 medal people would have more motivation to keep on going.

It actually took me awhile to find out that you can just click and hold the pen and it'll continue to go up. During the Fan mode I was just spamming the click and it I kept dying, but as soon as I figured out you could just hold it down it made it super easy. Knowing that before I would have had an even easier time in the regular mode.

Overall I really like it though. It's quite simple, but I've always loved when graphics and real life pictures are added together. It's a bit easy and could use with some sort of punishment such as when riding the top and bottom of the screen you get points slower or something like that.

kbvpneofit responds:

Now this idea is not possible, I turned off the screen adaptation

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You played the part of Fro so well. That's exactly how I sounded in real life when I wrote my part.

This is what happens when a piano falls down the steps for wayyyyy too long. Not to mention the piano was out of tune before it started its fall.

Once it hits the ground everyone can breathe a sigh of relief, because Atlas it is over.

I think the writing is prerry goos, but a bit repetitive at times. Changing up the words being used would add a bit of variety to this.

For example, you used the statement this is both good and bad multiple times. The wroting almost became predictable to a point because of small things like this.

The voice acting was clear and precise, but contained a ton of awkard pauses and emphasis on parts of words where they seemed unnatural. Just removing the pauses in between words would make this feel more natural and smoother.

NyanaCreation responds:

the script is from a while ago but i will deventually try to keep the repeating of sentances out of it or atleast a small as possible thanks for the tip and i hope @KillaCup reads the last part to i'll try to tell that to my next voice actors as well anyway thanks again for the help Fro i appreaciate it ^^

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I feel this one could have taken a slightly different path. 1-2) same as above 3) response to valid argument could be "Unrelated insult."

This would set it in line with most online arguments when one side puts in a factual and sound argument.

VladArt responds:

True, but as part 1 and 2 are based on true and recent happenings in my own life, I was dealing with someone who would reply in a way simpler, childish manner. Feedback appreciated, though! Keep it coming any time you have any.

There's actually something very funny and pleasing about the complete and utter simplicity of this comic. Starting off the artwork is very simple because it's pixels, but it's really the generic text that really gives it this feeling.

It's almost like you can envision a multitude of different scenarios for this comic because of how little is actually pictured and said. I could actually see a bunch of different comics of this style being produced.

Its kind of a dry and creative humor that I enjoy. Not sure if that's what you were going for, but thats what I got from it.

VladArt responds:

You're absolutely right! In art, the rule "less is more" is one of my favorites!

I really appreciate the kind words, ty!

You can probably change the "Frobotech" to "Fro". Fro will still link to the proper username and I'm going to change my name back to Fro asap. I just changed it to Frobotech temporarily as a joke because it's similar to another users username.

What a cool piece! You did this within about 20 or less hours per my request and I believe I requested in at night so more like 12 hours of you being awake you created this.

A little background for anyone who might be viewing this... PriseRed make a thread in the Art Forum asking for OC's to draw for practice. I saw their thread and really liked their style so I decided to challenge them with something a little out of the ordinary. I requested a picture of me, with a ban hammer, smiting some spam. I then sent them a couple of real pictures of me for reference and boom, they created something that actually looks like me, in their own style. It's awesome to view myself as a cartoon. I kind of wish I could watch an animation series with myself as the main character now. I wonder who I could get to voice me though...

The beard and hair are what I would strive for in real life. This is truly a better version of me as my real life beard grows in patchier and my receding hairline has receded much farther than this. Thanks for not making it too realistic. :P

The body and ban hammer are exactly what I was envisioning here.

I didn't really give you any description of the "spam" so you did a great job making something out of nothing. I'm pretty sure that's what the generic internet spammer actually looks like. Hunched over their keyboard. I love that the computer is almost alive and a part of the spammer. It's legit scared of what's about to strike it.

The background is a nice addition and it makes it look like it's straight out of an anime action scene. I'll most likely link to this every now and then when I find the opportunity in threads.

Thanks again!

PriseRed responds:

Really happy you like it :3
Bout spammer: first thing comes to my mind with a word 'spam' - https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/draw/92e9b37781a7594ba26cfcef5d5d1ec1

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