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Posted by CoachFro - September 17th, 2019

Well not really Pro, but semi-pro. I've decided that I want to play another year or two of football so I started powerlifting and getting into shape. I've been hard at it for about 2 months now and feel like I'm on my way of being able to compete for a starting position somewhere on the field. I'm kind of in between weight and speed though so I either need to get a little faster or bigger. (Or both would be great!)

One of my coworkers who is a referee for the local high schools and semi-pro teams in the region told me that my hometown is going to host a semi-pro team this year and I just couldn't pass it up. I may be turning 31 next week and have lost a step in both speed and strength in my age and absence from sports, but I think there's enough in me for one more go around.

There's also 4 NFL teams in my state so who knows. Maybe I explode and make it on to the practice squad for a year or something after this. I doubt it, but a man can dream. :P

As of my last weigh in and max lift recording I'm at the following:

Weight: 1904 Pounds

40 Yard Dash: 4.64

Bench Press: 325

Squat: 355

Deadlift: 420

Power Clean: 205

(I'll update the above section once a month or every so often.) I think the goal is to get Bench up around 10 more pounds, squat and deadlift above 400 (This was written when my deadlift was below 400), and power clean up around 225. If I can do all of those things while gaining about 10 pounds of muscle and dropping my 40 down to a 4.5 I'm probably in pretty good shape to be a starter somewhere on the field.

I have until January to get into shape and to earn a little bit of money for equipment.

If you'd like to help me out in my mission to play one more year you can donate a little bit of money. This will help pay for travel to practice/games. I'll put the rest towards equipment costs such as cleats, gloves, a football, etc.., etc...



Posted by CoachFro - August 9th, 2019

I've been seeing quite a few new artists pop up lately and I really like what I've been seeing. Feel free to introduce yourself if your new and I'll check out your art.

There's also a new art contest up and running. (Posted below)

A few months ago we ran a writing competition to create an original newgrounds character. We just posted the next step in getting this turned into an animation.


Check out the contest, compete, and let's make newgrounds history with a new character.



Posted by CoachFro - August 9th, 2019

Please view the contest via this thread.


Posted by CoachFro - January 30th, 2019

What are the newgrounds writing competitions?

They are a monthly competition held in which contestants will be given a specific prompt and due date. 

Are there prizes?

Currently the prizes consist of supporter status, but during Halloween we have also give away cash prizes to writers. Prizes could increase depending on how popular the writing competitions become. We have had prizes donated from animators in the past where winning entries end up getting animated.

Where do I find the writing competitions?

There are quite a few ways to find the writing competitions. I will post them here on this newspost, along with discussion threads, and results. You can also view the newgrounds calendar for due dates. The calendar will have direct links to the threads. You may also see them advertised in one of Tom's posts as well. They will also most likely just be on the first page of the writing forum.

Who can participate in a writing competition?

Everyone with a newgrounds account.

Who can judge in a writing competition?

Someone who has shown a commitment to the writing community on newgrounds. This may take form in several different ways such as commenting and reviewing on works posted in the writing forum or taking part in multiple writing competitions.

Currently I judge every competition, but ideally there are also revolving judges as well.


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Posted by CoachFro - December 21st, 2018

I'll do basically anything for a couple of dollars. Need some writing work, transcribing, voice acting, database related work, reviews, etc.., etc... shirtless pictures, etc.. etc.. nudes... etc.. etc... etc..

You name the tasks and the price you want to pay. I'll probably say yes as long as it's something I can do.

2019 sale - Shirtless pictures of me flexing: $1.05 each.